Solo exhibition of Endre Kecső // Ancient mythology with its elements embedded in our collective subconscious, preserves its memories with its stories and the mythical and spiritual traditions that live in us until today without geographical limitations that define our basic human nature. They remind us of our nature, our limitations and the potential that we have, beyond which can transcend our imaginations. Endre is a lover of these ancient tales, from which he not only drew inspiration, but he also rephrases them using visual means. His artworks are attempts to revive antique traditions and mold into new shapes. How can we relive a thousand-year-old story and how can we inherit the patterns that still live in us today according to contemporary traditions? It’s included in the material of this exhibition as a recurring element on the one hand, the golden thread of Theseus, which helped him to exit the maze. The topicality of the story could not be more timely, as we all currently live together in our own microcosms. On the other hand, experiments with torsos are painting transcripts of sculptural traditions that indeed evoke a final state, bodies enclosed in a double time loop represent the limits of ourselves and our environments’ constraints using matter and contours, thus spurring the viewer to contemplate the relative state of time. The exhibition may raise several questions for the observer, thus creating an opportunity to move on to another dimension: How can we adjust to a situation that is out of control for everyone? How much do we really have the ability to control our lives? To what extent do coincidences define our destiny? What is our relationship to fate? What life strategies do we use to survive? Is there a way out? And if so, where and how should we proceed?