Solo exhibition of Karl Meszlényi // Climate change is an increasingly dominant factor in our modern and future societies, and its side effects are being felt increasingly every year. Nature is becoming more and more distant from our daily lives and is being objectified in a way that, due to large-scale deforestation, can only exist as a utopian idea in the not too distant future. However, there are internal paths to beginning to work with nature. We need to rediscover within ourselves our relationship with nature and find the answers, individually, that will help us to initiate change at the micro level and perpetuates as a new 21st century tradition. Karl's 'Jungle', takes us into an alternative world where he presents nature and its diversity, materiality and unpredictability, free from human presence. The works are characterized by an organic, biomorphic synthesis, with non-figurative landscape depictions that not only present an image of nature, but also use gestures to present the true face of nature as a living, dynamic and emotive 'moving image'. Karl's expressive work reflects his close connection to nature, which includes life-giving water, sometimes in the form of a river, sometimes a lake, sometimes a stormy sea. In some places, it is as if we see goldfishes swimming beneath the surface of the water, while in others, sun-drenched landscapes, groves and blooming peonies appear on a river of bamboo. The main work in the exhibition, 'Paradise', is the only image that contains the human presence, a bridge as an attempt to reunite human and nature, where the lush vegetation of the tropical rainforest and the humid air of the jungle fill the Salon's rooms.