Love. Crush. Two very close, personal feelings that belong to everyone, including us. Dóra Hegedűs, designer of DÜSK Budapest, together with Wanda Martin photographer, will tell the story of the diversity of love through exciting couples and will turn the photo exhibition into a celebration of this diversity. Beyond the classic model photos, the designer-photographer duo dreamed up a completely unique world, where they photographed 9 couples known in alternative circles and groundbaking in their own field, mixing the worlds of documentary and fashion photography. The cohesive force of the LOVE photo series is the diversity of love and love itself: friends, couples in love, brothers and sisters and even a father-daughter duo, are featured in the photographs. The series features brothers: Zoli Beck and Zaza Beck from 30Y, Zsolt László and his daughter Panna László, actors Ian'O Sullivan and Annamari Kaptay show the diversity of love. The exhibition is not only a story of love through photographs, but is also a celebration of Dóra Hegedűs and Wanda Martin's 11-year friendship and unbroken working relationship. The couples who were captured between Spring 2020 and Autumn 2021, including their own friendship, showing that love is for everyone and how our human relationships have become if not more important, than ever before.