One Step Left One Step Right

We are Hungarians. Doubt is our life element. For a thousand years we've not known where to go forward. We are trapped between the walls of the Carpathian Basin, which sometimes represent a fortress of security, at other times mountains of towering problems. Should we move left or right? Where's that way, anyway? Is there still a golden mean "aurea mediocritas", or has it long since been concreted over; just as our world of emotions lies somewhere under the invasion of Turkish, Austrian, German, Russian and other promising Western ideas? The path we seek may not even be outside. We are now attempting to find the lost inner compass.

Attila Határ's unique symbolic world creates a new myth in post-Hungarian culture. In the exhibition, we can meet Count Széchenyi with cracked eyelids, Putin who has arrived from after party, Lőrinc Mészáros in mermaid form and even Grandma's bloody liver-soaked lace tablecloth. The mystical world of raw meat and mermaids; mystical reflections of our half-human, half-animal selves, narratives of facing raw reality and escaping the problems of the world. It's a strange and astonishing journey into a world that is half real, half imagined. The interpretation is left open to everyone.

Everyone can decide for themselves whether to run away or transform!