Tibor Simon-Mazula's new exhibition "Closeness" reacts to the strong impact of lockdowns and the rapidly evolving technology on the multilayered nature of perceiving reality. Artworks depict human emotions, everyday situations, and many different inner snippets of time, while the artist excitedly looks to reveal human relationships and motivations beyond what lies visible on the surface. As a continuation of his earlier series, Simon-Mazula in his new paintings still focuses on human actions and notions such as engagement, awakening and remembering.

“Composition makes the basis of all my work. It lays on two pillars; precisely constructed structure: the grid and a theory of balanced distribution of dark-and-light masses. Both approaches together help me to build up harmony, which rather reflects my desire to heal the viewer by providing a sensitive fine image, rather than finding stability and evenness for myself. This is my answer to the constant noise, and continual conflicts – caused by rigid contradictory opinions – I must hear and see in daily life driven by technology” said Tibor Simon-Mazula.