Ancient Alien

LAVOR Collective is pleased to present works by Budapest-based artist Eddie Wolf in its Art Salon. 

Eddie is in a perpetual search for the right way to guide observers into the state of enlightenment.

Alternative universes, creatures of the world of ideas, appears in Eddie Wolf's graphics. He evokes his half-animal, half-extraterrestrial creatures in the role of a Shaman; brought to life by the treatment of matter itself.

The title Ancient Alien (certainly) refer to the alternative theory of paleoastronautics, according to the humanity in the past perfect was visited by one or more extraterrestrial species and  influenced of our history course. This can be to refer the masterpieces of ancient architecture, the god-like beings which in found in the sacred writings of various religions and the range of material evidence that seems relevant to this theory. Since the paleoastronauts do not organise conferences, do not publish in scientific journals or do not have relevant qualifications, their views must be rate in the pseudoscience category. 

With the idea, that the aliens may once have walked among us, Eddie Wolf also plays with his alternative universe creatures and beyond human existence creation.  

Here and there are vegetal shape, another time there are reminder of cave sportive cave paintings, which show kind of naïve, neo-primitive or archaic vision in a positive sense. Now and then there are thick lines wind back and forth, elsewhere we can find hinly scratched surfaces, reveal ancient signs and symbols that our ancestors may have left. 

The surface treatment of Eddie Wolf's painting is often crumpled. he is emphasising the artist's archaic vision and faith in the material. The Ancient Aliens paitings were created in a wide variety of techniques: graphite, acrylic, cyanotype, photogram. Their colours, with the exception of the cyanotypes, evoke the colours of the Earth.

By Fábián Takáts

Experiencing Omnipresence And Enlightenment

The animal life represents innocence, an approach to nature, while the extraterrestrial life forms go beyond the existent, beyond the human, and call us to divine heights. Experiencing omnipresence and enlightenment, preserving our emotions and our human nature can be the foundation of our evolution and the next stage, which we can define as emotional evolution.

Eddie's Life Principles To Live By

According to Eddie, we must seek the answers to the mysteries of the universe within ourselves in order to preserve the essential values of our humanity. He puts his principle of life simply: "I try to shape my life through my philosophy, not by avoiding obstacles to reach a state of enlightenment as soon as possible, but by living my life as the only existence."

We Are All Creators

Blue Acid (2017) in a way reveals the universe and can make us aware of our existence in the Universe, of who we really are. Eddie with his creations, he does not want to introduce us to his own world, but to give us an outlook on life, a feeling through an impression that can liberate us from our own ideas through an intense impulse. He aims to make us realise our "creative power", and that "All men are creators". 

Cave Painting Series

The Cave Painting series (Cave Painting I., III., V., 2015) brightly coloured works  are most reminiscent of naïve children's drawings, harmonious in their simplicity. Also noteworthy is the 2018 eight-part series Watersum, which was created using a special technique, the cyanotype (also known as blue print).

Extraterrestrial Present

In the Watersum paintings beyond the ethereal forms, also appear organic shapes that sometimes colliding with each other, sometimes floating on their own. Also worth mentioning are the Fossil images (Fossil I-IV, 2015). The series may remind us of  organic or extraterrestrial forms embedded in the faded surface, and remind the former presence of an alien civilization.