Hyper Parallel

Attila Kertész invites us to a collective therapy through his art, which creates alternatives to our existence through self-images and visions.

We are embarking on an exploration of the essence of our existence, that will lead us into the field of doubt. We are moving away from the conscious presence into the hidden corners of the unconscious to reveal all that exists invisibly, but certainly within us until the end of time.

These are uncharted territories that not only need to engage with but are essential for the fulfilment of our existence. Parallel states of mind are revealed through his expressive nudes, which give us a glimpse into our invisible layers. It is the anatomy of the soul.

Beyond the physical layer and the invisible, he reveals non-existent realms through his models that are not known to exist as present realities for them. He reveals parallel states of being, while his muses unconsciously shed their physicality to uncover all that makes them human.

It is a new form of depiction of the soul, where the figures search in darkness for a way out into the fullness of light. It’s analysis without questions, which becomes visible through art.