Behaviour Therapy

Attila Határ's exhibition "Behaviour Therapy" draws attention to human behavioral patterns, social norms, and the significance of roles within them. Through his vivid figures, Attila examines the relationship between society and the individual; the juxtaposition of individual behavioral patterns and collective roles. The vibrant use of color and abstract surreal backgrounds, combined with colorful figures, dreamily present the imagined reality of individuals. The subjects, sometimes fictitious, sometimes real, express the inner world of the characters in an extremely powerful manner, capturing those at the visible and invisible boundaries almost photographically.

In these microcosms, we can see a wide range of emotions that permeate the space as effectively as the gestures and postures of the figures. The gestures, body language, and environmental elements collectively suggest that compliance with social norms can sometimes suppress or even paralyze certain aspects of personality. Attila Határ's figures escape from the expectations of social norms into their own individual microcosms, where they can live their identities and the possibilities of self-expression without constraints.

Attila Határ's works question the application of behavioral patterns expected by individual and social roles, presenting a world filled with invisible dimensions of emotions. The artist explores questions such as: the dual pattern of individual and collective identity, the relationship between the individual and society, and the fundamental importance of human relationships. He portrays the experience of emotions in a diverse and colorful manner, both in social and individual contexts.

The "Behaviour Therapy" exhibition provides an opportunity to understand the deeper significance of human behavioral patterns, relationships, and connections, and to uncover the profound philosophical layers within the artist's creations.