Forbidden Fruit

We invite you to an extraordinary sensual (18+) exhibition, where we will delve into the realm of art and passion through the creations of Sam Scott Schiavo and Endre Kecső. While Sam captures the depths of the male body through the lens of his camera, Endre's painterly lines celebrate the enchanting beauty of female forms and curves.

Sam Scott Schiavo X Endre Kecső Duo ShowLAVOR Art SalonJune 23, 2023 - August 04, 2023

"Forbidden Fruit" will be held during Pride, aiming to draw attention to the fact that love knows no boundaries, as it is not bound by societal norms. It blooms freely, allowing us to choose who we build our relationships with. This exhibition reminds us of the freedom of choice, where love and beauty are intertwined without barriers, without prejudice and limitations. The forbidden fruit tempts us to dig deep into the wells of desire. Let's celebrate the unity of love, the transcendent truth, the fact that beauty knows no bounds, and love knows no limits!