Surreal Hedonism

Naomi Devil & the Collective • Group Show
LAVOR Art Salon
June 01, 2023 - June 16, 2023 

The exhibition "Surreal Hedonism" sets the tone with Naomi Devil's lavish abundance bowls, filled with vibrant colors and exquisite fruits, enchanting us with the surreal diversity of vines and plants. Her hat-wearing female figures balance delicious oysters, artichokes, and mouthwatering dishes on their heads, or indulge in a huge serving of fruit parfait adorned with whipped cream.

Hedonism, a Greek philosophical movement, emphasizes that the pursuit of pleasures is the most important thing in life.

This sense of living is further amplified by Gáspár Annamária's large soft textile artwork, inviting us to embrace happiness seekers, Határ Attila's figure cooling off in the summer heat with a garden sprinkler. They are complemented by the effortless abstract creations of Jánosi Kata, Meszlényi Karl, and Kristófy Dániel. Eddie Wolf captivates visitors with refreshing, colorful, and surreal abstract animal depictions.

Let's cherish the simple moments in life and the light-hearted joys where we can experience and surrender ourselves to the blissful idleness.

❥❥❥ Naomi DevilGáspár Annamária (Godot)Határ AttilaMeszlényi KarlJánosi KataKristófy DánielEddie Wolf