Creative Session

Come and unleash your creative energies and experience a very special artistic experience in a hidden gem.

It all begins at our Art Salon, the Lavor Collective where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere as well as artworks on display from local contemporary artists. You can find us behind a big green wrought-iron door next to the Great Synagogue.

First we will start with a meditation warm-up led by our experienced art therapist. This may sound like a strange way to start, but it is essential that you come into a state of complete relaxation and turn off your conscious mind so that you can focus on what is really important: your inner self.

After a light introduction, we'll delve into collage making, with a wide range of tools to try. We can paint, draw, glue and experiment in a hundred different ways to create what defines us best at that moment or capture our holiday feelings.

We will be there with you and guide you through the whole process in order to reach the best outcome. We help you with making the perfect composition and selecting the colors that you wish to work with and creating the base for your visual messaging. Don't worry it's all about finding the flow! Sit back and enjoy the process of creation while you are tasting a nice selection of Hungarian wines.

From € 39 / person

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